Jack Singer Concert Hall

The Concert Hall came about in response to a real need for a community arts center first documented in 1969. It was determined that several Canadian performance arts companies including the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and Theatre Calgary, needed a performance space that would meet their needs and potential growth.

The study led to 1976 when The Calgary Centre for Performing Arts (CCPA) was registered as a charitable organization. The building project, funded in large part by the fundraising efforts of three women: Dr. Martha Cohen, Sandra LeBlanc, and Vera Swanson, led to the creation of The Calgary Centre for Performing Arts. This organization was registered as a charitable organization that would support the community by offering a space for the performing arts as well as a venue to enjoy the high-quality entertainment.

Even during these early years, one of the founding principles of CCPA was the community. As stated in a quote, “Of the many treasures found in Canada, the most precious is community.” Later, when CCPA changed its name to The Arts Commons and expanded their focus on all art medium, even non-performance, the building that became Jack Singer Concert Hall was constructed.

Jack Singer Concert Hall is named after Canadian real estate developer, financier, and philanthropist, Jack Singer thanks to a $1.5M contribution from his sons Alan and Stephen Singer. It stands as the largest building in the Arts Commons and is a complex occupying an incredible 10 acres of space. Many consider it among the most attractive and acoustically acclaimed venues in North America, and that’s not an accident.

When the building was designed, consultants were called in to design an adjustable acoustics system that included a canopy clad in laminated spruce wood. This canopy hood serves as an acoustical reflector that could be raised or lowered to adjust the sound for a show, making it one of the most production-friendly concert halls features in the continent. 

The famous Carthy Organ is another feature that the concert hall is known for. This incredible pipe organ stands as Canada’s largest, with hand-carved solid oak design and more than 1600 polished alloy and wood pipes. The organ was named in honor of the Carthy Foundation that helped arrange a $750,000 donation from the Mannix Family.

The Concert Hall offers 2021 seats are divided between theater-style, formal dinner, and cocktail reception seats. The massive 86’ x 38’ stage has played host to a variety of unforgettable performances. The venue has also hosted several weddings, corporate events, and graduation ceremonies during its existence.

Today, Jack Singer Concert Hall stands for the same principle that defines The Arts Commons: “Bringing the arts to life”.

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