Circa: Humans at Jack Singer Concert Hall

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Jack Singer Concert Hall | Calgary, Alberta


What do you get when you mix breathtaking music with the grace and elegance of the finest ballet dancers? The answer is of course Circa: Humans! This unsurpassed troupe will be coming back to Calgary, Alberta to perform live on the fantastic Jack Singer Concert Hall stage on Tuesday 13th February 2024. This one-off event will combine the extraordinary work of many gifted individuals who have a history of producing award-winning performances. Already, fans are calling this the can’t-miss event of February and critics are saying it just might be the best show of 2024. So don’t miss out. Click the Buy Tickets button below to book your seats today!

There are intense feelings associated with viewing an in person dance show, unmatched and something to attend with your loved ones, one wholesome moment together it's just unbelievable! Have you heard the news Circa: Humans is embarking on a tour across the US for winter, 2024? What a wonderful bit of news! Circa: Humans proudly showcase some of the finest in the business, likely the ultimate, historical shows have been off the scale, you'd be foolish to miss this! So you have a set plan for how you will be spending Tuesday 13th February 2024! The icing on the cake is that, Circa: Humans is going to showcase this Tuesday evening of faultless dance in February at the unbelievable Jack Singer Concert Hall, Alberta, Calgary! Jack Singer Concert Hall is boasted about for the top class surroundings and friendly service, there will be abundant mouth watering snacks and treats and merch will be on sale alongside. Supplies are already flying so the industry suggests that you buy some quickly...we are at hand for the transaction simply click the 'get tickets' icon you'll see above!

Circa at Jack Singer Concert Hall

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